Exciting Update for AGOCHS-II Residents! 

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Exciting Update for AGOCHS-II Residents! 


Hey AGOCHS-II Community,

We've got some fantastic news to share! The eagerly awaited project to illuminate our main boulevard is well underway. 

Main Boulevard Pole Lights Installation in Progress

Our dedicated team is currently assembling the sleek pole lights, and soon, our main boulevard will be beautifully lit up, adding a touch of elegance to our community.

What to Expect:

Enhanced Safety: These lights will boost safety along our main boulevard, ensuring you feel secure when taking those evening strolls.

Aesthetic Charm: The design of these lights perfectly complements our community's style, enhancing its overall appeal.

Eco-Friendly: We're proud that these lights are energy-efficient, supporting our commitment to a greener environment.

Stay tuned for more updates as the installation continues! We can't wait to see the final result and enjoy well-lit evenings together. 

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